Dominican National Team Wins Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding and Fitness

Part of the absolute winners, Enrique Galvan, Lamar Coward, Yureika Duarte and Pedro Alcántara

NATIONAL DISTRICT, Dominican Republic (10-21-2019) .- The Dominican team won the 46th Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship, which with the participation of 28 countries was held for three consecutive days during the past weekend in the country’s capital.
The Dominican representatives, after arduous battles during the exhausting days of competition, in the end managed to accumulate a total of 361 points for teams and keep five great absolute awards, achieving one of their greatest successes, in addition to excellence in organization.
The Dominican absolute winners were, Lizbeth de León, in women´s bikini fitness; Yordan Feliciano, in men´s bodybuilding; Enrique Galván, in men´s classic bodybuilding; Ramón Jiménez, in men´s physique and Pedro Alcántara, in muscular men´s physique.
The second position by teams was for the representation of Venezuela, with 276 points and the third, for the team from Puerto Rico, with 174 goals.
Other absolute winners were Yureika Duarte (Venezuela), in women´s bodyfitness; Lamar Coward (Barbados), in men´s classic physique and Dennys Cherubine (Venezuela), in wellness.

Dominican individual first place winners: Francisco de Jesús Soriano, up to 170 centimeters (cm) tall; Ramón Jim comprare oxymetholoneénez, up to 182cm; Lizbeth de León, in women’s bikini fitness over 166cm; Yordan Feliciano, in men´s body building 75 kilograms (kg) of weight and Ronny Vásquez, in men´s bodybulding 85kg.
More Dominican individual winners, Elvis Ortiz, in men’s bodybuilding 90kg; Enrique Galván, in men´s classic bodybuilding; Osiris Marchena, in muscular men´s physique; Steven Elvariste, in men´s physique more than 175cm; Pedro Luís Alcántara, in men´s physique up to 175cm; Kelvin Mordan, in men’s physique junior up to 23 years open class and Miranda Santa, in female children’s fitness up to 5 years old.
Other individual first place winners, Kemoy Brown (Jamaica), in men´s physique up to 174cm; Carlos Sánchez (Puerto Rico), in men´s physique up to 178cm; Kenroy Nathan Christian (Antigua & Barbuda), in men´s physique more than 182cm; Deidre Lewis (Jamaica), in women´s bikini up to 163cm; Meryenith Rojas (Venezuela), in women´s bikini fitness; Bridgiamell Rodríguez, in women´s bikini fitness up to 166cm and Kerwin Clark (Guyana), in men´s bodybuilding 80kg.
Likewise, Evaristo Cortés (Costa Rica), in men´s body building 65kg; Alfonso Pinkus Gamboa (Mexico), in men´s bodybuilding 70kg; Rosywill Maza (Venezuela), in wellness fitness up to 163cm; Dennys Cherubines (Venezuela), in wellness fitness over 163cm; Katiuska García (Venezuela), in women’s fitmodel open class and Henry Graham (Jamaica), in men’s bodybuilding 90kg.

Also, Kevin Sánchez Rivera (Puerto Rico), in men´s classic physique up to 172cm; Alfonso Molina (El Salvador), in men´s classic physique up to 175cm; Lamard Coward (Barbados), in men´s classic physique over 172cm; Greysi Coronil (Venezuela), in master women’s bikini fitness over 35 years; Yureika Duarte (Venezuela), in women´s bodyfitness over 163cm; Carolina Palma (Venezuela), in women´s bodyfitness up to 163cm and Alistair French (Trinidad & Tobago), in master men´s physique more than 40 years.
In addition, Angela Campbell (Trinidad & Tobago), in women´s physique open class; Clayton Greenidge (Belize), in master men´s bodybuilding over 40 years open class and Alfonso Pinkus Gamboa (Mexico), in junior men´s bodybuilding up to 23 years open class.
In children’s fitness, up to 7 years old, Marielisa Briceño (Venezuela); up to 9 years old, Leonella García (Venezuela); up to 11 years old, Regina Torres (Mexico); up to 13 years, Elisabeth Herrera (Mexico) and in up to 15 years, Enthonella Peña (Venezuela).
The event, in which more than 300 athletes from 28 countries participated, plus the Dominican hosts, was held at the La Fiesta theater, at the Jaragua hotel, in the Dominican capital, with the sponsorship of the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic, Biotech and Tony´s Gym, FDFF activities continue in La Gran Arena del Cibao, when the ninth national championship, Mister Norte Region, is held on November 24.

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